5 Ways To Use Concealer For Men

If as a man you’ve never used concealer before, you will be surprised what it can do for you. Read our 5 top ways to use concealer for men.

Concealer for men

  1. Conceal dark under eyes

Do you ever get dark under eyes when you’re feeling tired or you’ve had a little too much the night before? Concealer is a perfect way to refresh your face and give you an “awake” look after a heavy night.

To help hide dark under eye circles, apply a pea-sized amount of concealer on your finger and starting from the inner corner under your eye, dad across your under eye. Then blend into your skin using a light patting motion with your ring finger. You can also use this method as a corrector for makeup imperfections that crop up throughout the day.


  1. To ‘Cover’ Imperfections

It’s the worst feeling when you’re getting up and ready for your day and when glancing in the mirror you see that you have a huge spot! Concealer is the perfect quick fix for a spot if you’re going out in the day or evening.

Key areas to focus on are pimples, pigmentation and redness. Smooth the concealer over these areas, then pat the texture lightly with the ring finger to blend into the rest of your skin.


  1.  To Contour Your Face

For some occasions or in your everyday look you may want to contour your face, this will give your face and bone structure a more sculpted look. Using two different shades of concealer makes sculpting your face really easy.

To highlight and lift the bone structure, apply a light shade to the high points of the face; the centre panel, from the forehead, over the nose and cupids bow, finishing at the centre of the chin and underneath the apples of the cheeks to lift them. Next to define and sculpt, apply a dark shade along the hairline and out towards the temples. Follow underneath the cheekbones, along the lower jawline, underneath the lower lip and finishing with a fine line either side the bridge of the nose. Blend using your fingertips in a patting and smoothing motion and lightly polish with a powder brush for a seamless result.

  1. To Tidy Up Your Eyebrows

Don’t have time to pluck your eyebrows this morning, or have you missed your barber's appointment this week? Concealer is a simple “quick fix” for untidy eyebrows.

Simply dot the concealer under your brow arches and blend it in with your finger to cover stray hairs and give definition to your brow. You can also do the same in between your eyebrows.

  1. To Cover Scars & Acne

For men, having acne and scarring is a tough one because there is a lot of products to help “cure” your acne, but very few to cover your acne during the day and night.

War Paint’s concealer is a great answer to this issue as it allows you to cover redness and scarring without drying our your skin or causing it to become oily. Simply apply the concealer by dotting it around the affected areas of your face and blend in using a patting motion.


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