When to use concealer?

There is no law about whether you put foundation or concealer on first. We recently conducted a poll on the old foundation/concealer myth and the results came out surprisingly 50/50.So don’t worry, the makeup police aren’t going to be bashing your door down any time soon!Make the most of your War Paint... 

First things first, remember to choose a concealer a shade to half a shade lighter than your skin tone, or foundation. 

Dab/blending technique: Always use the ‘dab technique’ to blend your concealer. Don’t waste your time rubbing it in, you’re basically waxing on and waxing it straight back off. If you want to use your finger to dab, do it. We use our ring finger but again, not gospel. Repeated light taps will blend the concealer. 

Alternatively, you can use our face sponge. Same technique. Less is more – Don’t apply too much or you’ll look washed out. Build up on your concealer. Practise makes perfect so if you’re not happy with the first try… Give it another go.

How To Apply?

Dark Circles: If you’re a bit tired around the eyes, dab your finger in the concealer pot and use it to dab a loose downwards triangle under your eyes. Use your finger - or the face sponge - to repeatedly dab and blend the concealer into your skin. This should give the under eye a little lighter look and give you a much fresher face in seconds. 

Blemishes & Spots:
This is where application gets a little trickier and you need to combine products. First step is to dab and blend concealer over and around the local spot area. Make sure it’s blended properly but not rubbed off. Again, you can use your finger or a face sponge for this. Next step, foundation (check out our “how to” foundation page for further step by steps) but in essence, application is pretty similar to concealer. Last step, another singular dab on top of the spot or pimple. Don’t over blend, just one dab on top. We recommend using your little finger or ring finger for this. Using a finger basically gives you control over the pressure and ensures you don’t over blend. 

Now we come to contouring. It’s a pretty daunting but we do have an entire section dedicated to contouring so check it out here. Concealer is generally used to brighten, lift and sculpt the face when contouring. A couple of shades are usually useful when contouring, lighter colours for below the cheekbones and under the eyes and a slightly darker shade for creating definition. On how to use these concealer shades, refer to our Contouring section. But always remember, dab and blend!